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This is the book our clients have been asking for!

 Trait Secrets
• Describes ten crucial traits with real life examples
• Shows how different traits can lead to misunderstandings and conflict
• Gives methods for dealing with those conflicts and "difficult" people
• Shows how to place yourself for success–the environment and people you need to succeed
• Reduces stress by showing you a new way to view problems
• Shows you how others may be seeing you


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"Trait Secrets not only describes how people (yourself included) really
function, it also explains how to apply that knowledge to become more
effective in communicating as a manager, recruiter, negotiator, coach,
spouse, or parent. This book really makes you stop and think about people,
in a different but positive way."
--David Ingemie, President, Snowsports Industries America

I enjoyed reading this book, or should I say, "I enjoyed experiencing this
book." I am surprised how quickly I was pulled into this nifty and practical
tool. I loved the quick tests of self evaluation and they showed me what was
happening around me with my work peers. I've been struggling for a year not
knowing how to get through a tough situation at work, and then bang - this
little book showed me what has been happening, and gave me several options on
how to get through it successfully without quitting. What a relief, finally
some assistance. It makes so much common sense when I think about it now! I
passed the book onto a colleague, I hope it will help him! He needs it! :-)
Amazon Reviewer: Dennis Kallelis from Middleton, MA USA

You have indeed added much value over the Myers-Briggs, especially focusing
on workplace issues. I can see several areas where your approach is more
focused and immediately applicable than both the Generic Myers-Briggs, as
well as the more focused work of the Kiersey's.
--Bob Gorman, Founder, KNCell Technologies, www.KnCell.org, Nashua, NH

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