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 After Each Question Circle the answer that comes closest to describing you. 


1. In meetings, I like to
a) brainstorm a lot and bounce ideas around.
b) listen first, waiting to offer a suggestion until I think I know exactly what should be done.
c) talk sometimes and listen sometimes. It all depends on the situation.

2. People take me far too literally when I'm discussing ideas.
a) Often
b) Sometimes
c) Never

3. When I say I'm going to do something,
a) I mean what I say; you can count on that.
b) sometimes I'm ready to do it and sometimes I'm not.
c) I often end up doing something different after I've thought things through more.

4. On the whole, I
a) enjoy meetings and find them a stimulating opportunity to consider more
b) find meetings are way too long and accomplish way too little.

 c) find some meetings worthwhile and others a total waste of time.

5. When I tell someone about my ideas,
a) I have things pretty well worked out and intend to execute those ideas soon.
b) I'm usually thinking aloud and want the other person to act as a sounding
c) I'm sometimes thinking out loud and sometimes expecting the other person to
act on the idea.

6. People are likely to view me as
a) someone who follows through immediately on ideas I mention.
b) someone who talks about ideas for a while after mentioning them and may or
may not actually go ahead with them.
c) someone who sometimes acts right away and sometimes doesn't.

7. When a coworker tells me he is going to quit his job, I
a) believe him.
b) wait till tomorrow and ask if he still feels the same way.
c) assume he just needs to vent.


Scoring - Add up your total score, using the following values for your answers.
 1. a) 5 b) 0 c) 3  3. a) 0 b) 3 c) 5  5. a) 0 b) 5 c) 3  7. a) 0 b) 3 c) 5
 2. a) 5 b) 3 c) 0  4. a) 5 b) 0 c) 3  6. a) 0 b) 5 c) 3  

A score of 0 through 10 indicates Quiet Thinking. Anyone who scores from 11 through 25 has some of each trait. And those scoring 26 or higher are strong on Interactive Thinking.



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