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We offer a variety of workshops, and can tailor one specifically to fit your needs.

Level One Workshop

Individual Trait Assessment (½ day)

Each participant receives a Trait and Style Guide (TSG) book briefly explaining how the traits operate and a confidential personality assessment prepared from a handwriting sample. During this phase, the traits are explained in depth and individuals gain a clear understanding of
• who they are
• how they behave
• why they behave as they do
• how they are perceived by others as a result of that behavior
• how they perceive others who behave differently from themselves

Level Two Workshop

Internal Team Interaction and Dynamics between teams (½ day)

Building on the Individual Trait Assessment Workshop, we explore the ways team members relate to each other that cause positive and/or negative dynamics. We will define in a nonthreatening way who gets along with whom and why based on their traits and the perceptions they have of each other. Members will also identify individual talents and strengths and methods to enhance each other's productivity.

Level Three Workshop

The Team's Influence on the Company (½ day)

Building on the previous two workshops, this focuses on how dynamics between teams and their combined traits create the company culture. Is this culture a positive or negative influence on the company's goals? Are members seeing the organization as it really is or through rose-colored glasses? Are the company's goals realistic, given the current culture and current circumstances? If not, what needs to be done to achieve the goals?

Custom Workshop (½-3 days)

These workshops are designed specifically for an individual company and include participatory exercises that vividly demonstrate to members problems in teamwork and how to overcome them.


Customized to your group's needs, we can present from 45 minutes to three hours on the following topics and more:

• Love and Relationships
• Children and Families
• Choosing Your Business Partner
• What Your Kid Needs: Common Trait Issues in Childrearing
• Difficult People
• Learning Handwriting Analysis
• Handwriting Analysis and Personnel Selection

"Judi's presentation style and content information was outstanding. I consider this session alone worth my entire yearly dues."
–CEO on seminar for an international organization of CEOs



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